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Reflections of students

"I  have multiple sclerosis, a chronic neurological illness that impacts everyday life. I have studied the Alexander Technique with Judy Stern  for the past several years and it has significantly improved my balance, coordination, and general well being. My studies have equipped me with the necessary tools to significantly improve my quality of life."

---Ron Sommers, retired business executive

"I had had severe sciatica for over five years which limited by ability to go for more than a 10 minute walk at one time. I had consulted with an orthopedists, physiatrist and physical therapists, all to no avail. Then I met Judy Stern through a pain management clinic and she said she thought the Alexander Technique might be able help me. I started going twice a week  and felt immediate relief from the first lesson. After three months, my sciatica was totally gone and I was able to resume my long walks with my husband and reduce my lessons to once every two weeks or so. That was over 20 years ago and since then I have continued to study the Alexander Technique with Judy."

---Linda Kuehne, photographer and potter

"About 18 months ago, under Judy Stern's hands in anatomy class, I experienced a moment of unprecedented freedom at my atlas. This unleashed a cascade of bloodflow into my upper torso and arms and made me momentarily dizzy. I felt new ease and openness from head to toe for days afterward. Judy encouraged me to write about this experience and my history with Pain and the AT." (see full article in Spring AmSAT News 2011)

---Karen Krueger, newly trained teacher of the AT ACAT-NYC, retired lawyer

"I am a serious amateur horseback rider and do both flatwork and jumping exercises with my horse. There is nothing more important than aligning one's core with that of the horse during the dynamic sport of riding. Judy Stern's Alexander teaching has given me a deep, and now, after our wonderful work together, instinctive understanding of both my core and my postural alignment. While riding and feeling the intentions of the horse, I am also able to calmly and thoughtfully return to balance after jumping. This is essential for proper riding technique as horses respond instantly to any tension or instability on the part of the rider. The awareness of all parts of my anatomy is, also, a key aspect to influencing the horse with the most subtle cues possible.

I first came to Judy with a mild shoulder pull which quickly responded to the benefits of relaxation and proper alignment inherent in Alexander work. But I remained her student not only for the benefits to my riding. The psychological benefits resulting from the training are profound. I use the technique daily to remove stress and strains from my movement and my psyche. For example, walking is always an energizing joy as I can feel my correct alignment adjust to all terrains. When I am driving and I stop in traffic, I now habitually "PAUSE" and breathe in a relaxed fashion. And when working at a desk I know how to readjust my position to avoid the muscle and neck issues that plagued me in the past. I haven't just learned the Alexander Technique; I live it every day. I feel very fortunate to have met Judy Stern."

---Maria Fisher, amateur horseback rider

"You contributed greatly to making my experiences at the Alexander Technique workshop in Winston Salem very beneficial to my wellbeing and at the same time great fun! Thank you for teaching the anatomy classes. I had some experience with anatomy however you added to my knowledge in creative exercises that made the classes really interesting.

I really enjoyed my walkabout sessions with you. In the journal that I kept during the week, I wrote things I needed to remember and impressions that I had. Here is my favorite comment that I wrote about you: "Judy has confident energy - gives great technical communication with firm touch and direction". You balance left brain and right brain understanding nicely.

After the Open Stage Night, I told you that your class on "Why Pain...Why the Alexander Technique?" was worth the price of admission. I would like to reiterate that here. Watching you work with the young lady that was having a hand problem was very beneficial. You showed her a gentle movement that would help open her shoulder. That was a real "ah ha" moment for me, as were many other things that you shared during that class. Kudos, for a job well done.

...You were right, I love looking for the unusual and being opened to all possibilities. I do hope our paths cross again because I know you have great things to share!"

--- Mary Catherine Ricks, participant in Summer, 2013 AT program at University of North Carolina School for the Arts.


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